Systembiologie von Gen-regulatorischen Elementen



Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Rajewsky



Alexandra Tschernycheff

87: Timoféeff-Ressovsky-Haus (Genomzentrum)

Raum 1.08

Tel. +49 30 9406 2999

Fax. +49 30 9406 3068


The Rajewsky Lab uses computational and experimental methods to dissect, systems-wide, function and evolution of gene regulation in metazoans. One major focus is to understand more about gene regulation by small RNAs, in particular microRNAs. To probe general mechanisms in gene regulation of microRNAs, the lab works with cell lines. We are also investigating the function of small RNAs during very early development of C. elegans. Furthermore, the lab has established planaria as a model system within the lab. These freshwater flatworms are famous for their almost unlimited ability to regenerate any tissue via pluripotent, adult stem cells. The lab is studying the role of small RNAs in planarian regeneration.