Permanent Fellow


Dr. Uta Höpken

31.1: Max Delbrück House (Hochbau)

Room 3018

Tel. 3330

Fax. 3390

31.1: Max Delbrück House (Hochbau)

Room 3045

Tel. 2870


Microenvironment as a regulator in autoimmunity and cancer

Our group is interested in the field of immune regulation, immunopathogenesis, tumor genetics, and translational immunology with focus on the following major areas:


  • The role of homeostatic chemokine receptors in lymphoid organ development, systemic immune responses, and chronic inflammatory diseases.

  • Differentiation, trafficking and function of memory/effector T cells, especially the role of follicular B helper T cells in inflammation and autoimmunity.

  • Immunomodulatory and oncogenic functions of herpesvirus-encoded chemokine receptors.

  • The function of sphingophospholipid receptors in the immune system.

  • Target identification and validation in preclinical animal models with focus on B cell lymphoma and gastric carcinoma.
Picture: Artistic view of an altered B cell follicle in the spleen of CXCR5-deficient mice