Molecular Carcinogenesis 55 (12): 1927-1939 (2016-12)

Berenstein R.; Nogai A.; Waechter M.; Blau O.; Kuehnel A.; Schmidt-Hieber M.; Kunitz A.; Pezzutto A.; Doerken B.; Blau I.W.

Multiple myeloma cells modify VEGF/IL-6 levels and osteogenic potential of bone marrow stromal cells via Notch/miR-223

Bone marrow mesenchymal stromal cells (BMMSCs) represent a crucial component of multiple myeloma (MM) microenvironment supporting its progression and proliferation. Recently, microRNAs have become an important point of interest for research on micro-environmental interactions in MM with some evidence of tumor supportive roles in MM. In this study, we examined the role of miR-223 for MM support in BMMSCs of 56 patients with MM (MM-BMMSCs). miR-223 expression in MM-BMMSCs was reduced by the presence of MM cells in vitro in a cell-contact dependent manner compared to mono-cultured MM-BMMSCs. Co-cultivation of MM cells and MM-BMMSCs induced activation of notch amongst others via jagged-2/notch-2 leading to increased expression of Hes1, Hey2, or Hes5 in both cell types. Cultivation of MM-BMMSCs with increasing levels of recombinant jagged-2 reduced miR-223 and increased Hes1 levels in a concentration-dependent manner. Transient reduction of miR-223 levels increased VEGF and IL-6 expression and secretion by MM-BMMSCs. In addition, reduction of miR-223 degraded the osteogenic differentiation potential of MM-BMMSCs. Inhibition of notch signaling induced apoptosis in both MM cells and MM-BMMSCs. Furthermore, it increased miR-223 levels and reduced expression of VEGF and IL-6 by both cell types. These data provide first evidence that miR-223 participates in different MM supporting pathways in MM-BMMSCs inlcuding regulation of cytokine secretion and expression as well as osteogenic differentiation of MM-BMMSCs. More insights on the role of miR-223 in MM-BMMSCs and in cellular interactions between MM cells and MM-BMMSCs could provide starting points for a more efficient anti-myeloma treatment by targeting of notch signaling.

Keywords: Multiple Myeloma, Bone Marrow Stromal Cells, Notch, Jagged-2, miR-223

Type: Article

PubMed: 27023728
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