BIMSB Proteomics / Metabolomics


The ‘integrative proteomics and metabolomics’ research and technology platform is an integral part of the Berlin Institute for Medical Systems Biology (BIMSB). We are an Interdisciplinary team consisting of; biologists, engineers, chemists/pharmacologists, bio-informaticians.

At core of our interest is to decode the regulation of metabolism at the systems level. The two main aspects of our work are; [I] the investigation of metabolism at the cellular level to understand its molecular regulation. [II] And further, we explore the metabolism at the organism level to decode the metabolic code e.g of tissues and body fluids. Therefore we use mass spectrometry based metabolomics and proteomics methods. By establishing three MS based platforms we are able to quantitatively measure metabolites (small molecules) lipids and proteins from variety of sample species. Beside our own scientific projects we offer scientific service in frame of collaboration to our colleagues at the BIMSB and MDC.