Max Delbrück Lecture

The Max Delbrück Lectures is a series of presentations by internationally renowned speakers that take place at the MDC once a month on a Friday from 16-17 h. The lectures take place in the MDC Communications Center. The speakers are selected by the MDC team leaders in the three programs, Cardiovascular Research, Neurobiology, and Cancer Research, and will talk about on their field of research and the recent achievements of their laboratories. The lecture series addresses the scientific community at the MDC, on the campus Berlin-Buch and in Berlin. The presentations are followed by a “Happy Hour” from 17-18 h in the entrance hall of the communication center


Lecture Committee:

Daniel Besser (Chair), Helmut Kettenmann (Neurobiology), Michael Bader (Cardiovascular Research), and Claus Scheidereit (Cancer Research)


Organizing Institution

Max-Delbrück-Center for Molecular Medicine

Supported by the Circle of Friends of the MDC



Daniel Besser
Signaling mechanisms in embryonic stem cells
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