In vivo lineage analysis of pancreatic and hepatic precursor cells


Mouse embryo

Pdx1 E9.5 mouse in situ

One main focus of our laboratory is to investigate how

pancreatic versus hepatic fate decision occurs in the

endoderm at both the cellular and molecular level.

To conduct a comprehensive in vivo analysis of the

hepatic-pancreatic lineage in the mouse embryo,

we use transgenic reporter models that express

fluorescent proteins under the control of lineage-specific

promoters. We are using these new genetic tools to:

i. address in vivo and in vitro if the liver and pancreas

arise from a common bipotent precursor; and

ii. trace and molecularly profile the presumptive

precursor cell and its descendants in the mouse embryo.

All together, these experiments will determine how the

hepatic-pancreatic lineage is established in vivo, whether

a bipotent endodermal precursor exists, and provide us

with its molecular signature.