1st UCL MDC Neurostudentsconference

Paricipants of the MolNeuro UCL-Retreat September 2010 in Split

In 2010 our PhD-students from the MolNeuro-program and students from the Welcome Trust program at University College London organized the first “MDC UCL Neuroscience Students Conference” held from September 16th -19th at the Mediterranean Institute for Life Science, Split Croatia. The students had selected and invited the keynote speakers based on scientific excellence and on the complimentary interests to the research projects being pursued in both programs.

We were pleased to welcome Pasko Rakic, Yale University USA; Bart De Strooper, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium, Jan Schnupp University Oxford, Uk; Patrik Ernfors, Karolinska Institute, Sweden and Timothy Ryan, Cornell University USA as key lecturer. The retreat was organized by 3 students from each institution and in total 36 students actively participated and presented their research topics either with a talk or a poster. Debates covering different aspects of life science and neuroscience (e.g. embryonic versus adult stem cells, use of fmRI in the legal system) were held. In addition we had several social activities like a pub quiz and a walking tour through Split to informally encourage interactions of all participants including the guest speakers.

Please see here for more information about the programme.