Hypertonie bedingte Endorganschäden



Priv. Doz. Ralf Dechend

42-52: Experimental and Clinical Research Center

Raum 2625

Tel. +49-030-450-540301

Fax. +49-030-450-540944


Prof. Dr. Dominik Müller

42-52: Experimental and Clinical Research Center

Raum 2634

Tel. +49-030-450-540286

Fax. +49-030-450-540944


Hypertension-Induced End-Organ Damage

Dominik N. Müller & Ralf Dechend (ECRC group)


Hypertension is the primary risk factor for cardiovascular disease, the major cause of death worldwide. The group’s major research interests are the renin-angiotensin system (RAS), the immune system and how both systems cause hypertension-induced target organ damage. In a translational approach, the Müller/Dechend lab focuses on the vessels, hearts, kidneys and the uteroplacental units. Our recent work has extended these concepts and we are now undertaking projects to analyze how epigenetic factors, such as high salt, influence immune cells and target organ damage.

The group cooperates closely with MDC and Charité scientists, as well with several national and international collaborators. The group has also been a resource for young clinicians and doctoral students beginning their careers in experimental cardiovascular research. In 2011, Dominik N. Müller received a professorship for Experimental Medicine at the University of Erlangen.