Systems Biology Lectures

Scientific colleagues come together in Winter Semester 2017/18 to present lectures on the topic of RNA Biology & Disease. All are welcome to attend.


current program



RNA Biology & Disease
Winter Semester 2017/18

(Re)Programming, Development and Genome Editing
Summer Semester 2017

Single Cell Technologies
Winter Semester 2016/17

Imaging Biological Systems
Summer Semester 2016

Proteins & Proteomics
Winter Semster 2015/16

RNA Biology
Summer Semester 2015

Computational Biology:
From Basic Research to Applications in Human Health

Winter Semster 2014/15

Stem Cells
Summer Semester 2014

Methods & Technologies
Winter Semester 2013/14

Summer Semester 2013

Winter Semester 2012/13

RNA Biology
Summer Semester 2012

Cell Signaling
Winter Semester 2011/12

Computational Systems Biology and Molecular Interactions
Summer Semester 2011

Gene Dys-Regulation
in Cancer

Winter Semester 2010/11