Experimental focus
Top: Key examples of our experimental research include a) non-invasive assessment of cardiac function of mice heart (collaboration with M. Bader, MDC), b) monitoring of brain tumour growth (collaboration with H. Kettenmann, MDC), c) MR microscopy of pre-symptomatic cerebellar lesions in an EAE model (collaboration with J. Millward, Charité) and d) tracking of 19F labeled cell migration in real time with greater sensitivity in vivo together withvisualization of brain inflammation.
Bottom: Gaining a better understanding of the mechanisms behind acute kidney injury (AKI) is in the center of our experimental research radar screen. These efforts are designed to change the landscape of non-invasive renal diagnostic imaging by benchmarking parametric MR including f) blood oxygenation level sensitized MRI, g) arterial spin labeling perfusion MRI and h) water diffusion weighted MRI against established quantitative but invasive physiological methods using our integrated MR-PHYSIOL setup (collaboration with E. Seeliger, Charité; D. Dragun, Charité ; H-W. Schunck, MDC; P. Persson Charité).