Development and Function of Neural Circuits

Head of the Group

Dr. Niccolo Zampieri

31.1: Max Delbrück House (Hochbau)

Room 1002





Jasmin Bonkowski

23: Eckert & Ziegler AG (House 23)

Room 216

Tel. 3846



We are interested in understanding the developmental mechanisms that control assembly and function of neural circuits. In particular we focus on the role of neuronal positioning. By looking at the anatomy of the nervous system it is evident that different neuronal subtypes are assigned highly stereotyped positions that are conserved among individuals. Neurons grouped together not only share positional coordinates but typically receive common neural inputs and send projections to similar targets. Thus, precise spatial organization of neurons appears to represent a major strategy to simplify the problem of wiring the nervous system. However, the molecular mechanisms controlling neuronal positioning and its contribution to the assembly of neural circuits are not fully understood. To address these problems we use a combination of molecular, genetic, and anatomical tracing techniques to study development of motor circuits in the mouse spinal cord. 

Our lab is located at Max-Delbruck Center for Molecular Medicine and we are part of NeuroCure Cluster of Excellence.