No. 2/November 20, 1997

Detlev Ganten new Chairman of the Helmholtz Association

Professor Detlev Ganten has been appointed as the new chairman of the Hermann von Helmholtz Association of National Research Centres (HGF), one of the largest associations for research established in the Federal Republic of Germany. The 56-year-old physician and Scientific Director of the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine (MDC) in Berlin-Buch succeeds Professor Joachim Treusch (Scientific Director of the Research Center of Jülich), who has served as Chairman of the HGF during the last four years. Professor Ganten was inaugurated at the annual meeting of the Helmholtz Association on November 20 in Karlsruhe for a term of two years, following his appointment by the senate of the HGF upon nomination by its general assembly. Professor Ganten is the first representative of a Helmholtz research center located in one of the new Länder to head the HGF.

No. 1/April 14, 1997

Cancer researchers identify molecular switch for drug resistance

Breast cancers may either be resistent to chemotherapy or responsive at the beginning of treatment, but subsequently develop multidrug-resistance in the course of therapy. In the latter case chemotherapy is no longer beneficial for the patient.