Technology Platforms

The MDC has several dedicated core facilities providing MDC groups with facilities and support for a range of different techniques. In addition, several research groups provide in-house access to approaches and technologies in which they specialise.


Central Technology Platforms

These dedicated platforms give MDC groups central access to state-of-the-art technologies which would otherwise demand extensive training and financial investment. The platforms manage access, provide service support, the latest scientific know-how, and in some cases develop own technologies.

Advanced Light Microscopy - Anje Sporbert

Electron Microscopy - Bettina Purfürst

Interactomics - Erich Wanker

Magnetic Resonance (B.U.F.F.) - Thoralf Niendorf

Mass Spectometry - Gunnar Dittmar

Pathophysiology - Arnd Heuser

Preparative Flowcytometry - Hans-Peter Rahn

TCF - Transgenic core facility - Ralf Kühn


BIMSB Technology Platforms

The Berlin Institute for Medical Systems Biology (BIMSB), an institute of the MDC, includes several technology platforms. The main focus of these groups is research – each comprises a research team of postdocs, PhD students and students who conduct and publish their own studies – but they are also open to collaboration with other groups.

Bioinformatics - Altuna Akalin

Genomics - Sascha Sauer

Light Microscopy - Andrew Woehler

Proteomics / Metabolomics - Stefan Kempa


Joint Technology Platform with the BIH

Pluripotent Stem Cells - Sebastian Diecke


Joint Technology Platform with the FMP

Small Molecule Screening Unit - Jens Peter von Kries

Medicinal Chemistry - Marc Nazaré

Drug Design - Ronald Kühne


Techniques within groups

The following techniques and specialities are available within different groups of the MDC.

Microarrays - Norbert Hübner

Protein Sample Production Facility - Udo Heinemann