Technology Transfer



Dr. Claudia Thurow

Technology transfer at the MDC has a high priority. In addition to the scientific exchange, we are aiming for the commercial exploitation of research results which are developed at the MDC or the Berlin Institute of Health (BIH); it is to be achieved that the results obtained are as soon as possible transferred to the application.

In close collaboration with the scientists and industry experts, the research results are reviewed for their commercial potential. Collectively all parties identify the best commercial expoitation strategy for an invention and decide to what extent a patenting is reasonable.

The research findings from the MDC are mostly attributable to the field of basic research because of its research profile. Until these research findings become marketable products or it may result in industrial collaborations or establishing start-ups is still a lot of development work to do.

Technology transfer at the MDC supports this process by

- seminars (product development, patenting strategies),

- individual counseling (coaching and mentoring),

- support when searching for development partners,

- assistance in securing funds and the identification of commercial exloitation partners.

The technology transfer at the MDC works closely with the Technology Transfer Office of the Charité and Ascenion.

Ascenion supports the MDC particularly in the field of the invention assessments, development of patenting strategies and commercialization strategies, Intellectual Property (IP) - training as well as the identification and exploitation of binding partners.

In the context of scientific exchange the technology transfer at the MDC constantly occurs through the transfer of biological material, know-how or lease of individual animals or animal lines. This exchange takes place via Material Transfer Agreement (MTA). Herein, the material of the scientific community is generally left in the context of good scientific practice.