Scientific training at the MDC

Excellent training is the foundation of a successful scientific career, and a major priority for the MDC. We aim to provide early-career researchers, students, and others with a stimulating environment and training opportunities to develop their knowledge and skills. Our goal is to give them the best possible foundation for a research career, as well as equipping them with the skills needed to pursue a broad range of related employment options. The MDC provides a number of training activities:



Scientific career programmes

PhD at MDC

International PhD Programme

The MDC Graduate School provides comprehensive and structured support to approximately 350 PhD students pursuing their doctoral training at the MDC.

PostDoc at MDC

Training opportunities for Postdocs

The postdoctoral years are a key stage in a research career, representing the transition to becoming an independent scientist. Read more about postdoctoral training at the MDC here.


PhD at MDC

Opportunities for scientific training

The ECRC offers a training programme for clinicians wishing to join MDC research groups along with other clinical career development opportunities. Additional opportunities may also arise in the context of the BIH.

TA professional development


Internships can provide valuable experience at the start of many different careers. To be considered for an internship, please address your application to the research group or department of your choice.




Career development for researchers and support staff

Career & Training

MDC Career Services

Many MDC career services are open to the entire institute, including seminars, career events, mentoring programmes, language classes and other training courses.

TA professional development

Professional development courses

The Gläsernes Labor (see below) offers training courses for MDC TAs and scientists on diverse topics. Further information is distributed internally via email, but you can read more about their similar professional development courses, open to all applicants, here.



Life-Sciences for schools

link: Gläsernes Labor

Schools teaching laboratory, the Gläsernes Labor

The MDC established and co-finances a schools teaching laboratory, the Gläsernes Labor, running hands-on life-science courses for all levels from pre-school to school-leavers and even teachers. Courses run either within the school term or as summer-schools.

link: Labor trifft Lehrer

MDC teacher training programme, Labor trifft Lehrer

This MDC, SenBJW-accredited teacher training scheme was established to give secondary school science teachers from the Berlin region the opportunity to gather insight into modern-day research in the life sciences. The scheme runs half-day courses at the MDC throughout the school year, plus many other activities (information in German only).


Job Opportunities

For further information about opportunities at the MDC, please visit the Jobs section.


For Trainees (AZUBIs)

Information about Traineeships (Berufsausbildung) at the MDC can be found here (in German only).