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Library Service

Inter-Library Loan

Orders of literature that is not available within the MDC may be handed in at the information desk in the library, or sent online through your browser using our Online Orders Form. Diploma candidates, doctoral candidates, and visiting scientists need the written consent of the person responsible for this account. All expenses associated with the inter-library loan have to be covered by the ordering account number. Due to the high costs involved, external users cannot make use of the inter-library loan via the library; for them, other external library services are available instead.


Form to acquire books

The procurement of monographs, journals, loose-leaf publications, or any other information in printed or non-printed form, either for the stock of the library or for a requesting department of the MDC, is centrally managed by the library. Proposals for the acquisition of new monographs for the library, or for one of the decentralized reference libraries, should be given to Mr. Schröder-Barkhausen (Phone 3340). Requests for the subscription of additional journals are accepted here as well; these will be collected and submitted to the MDC's Library Commission to decide at one of their regular meetings.

Publication Analysis

The library compiles publication lists and citation reports upon request. To submit a request, please fill out the form Publication Analysis Request and return it to Ms. Eidt. To enable fast processing, please include as much information as possible about the individuals (e.g. C.V.), research programmes (e.g. to which working groups they belong), or institutions (e.g. alternative affiliations). Processing times may vary considerably depending on the choice of criteria and formatting requested.

Scanning Literature

One copymachine with print and scan function allows you to scan literature. Copy cards can be obtained at the lending desk, and are charged to the users' current accounts. They authorize their receipt with their signature.