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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

At the Max Delbrück Center, we strive to create an inclusive organizational culture that strengthens a sense of community and excludes no one. The goal is to promote diversity and strengthen cohesion in order to work together to meet future challenges.
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We are committed to promoting gender equality and fostering a supportive work environment. Our aim is to ensure equal opportunities, enabling all employees to thrive, grow their abilities, accomplish their aspirations, and strike a healthy work-life balance.

The Max Delbrück Center has established diverse measures to support this endeavor.

The Gender Equality Plan (2021-2027) formulates key principles, objectives, and measures to promote equal opportunities for women and men.

Since 2009 the Max Delbrück Center has been assigned the certificate “Audit Career and Family” by the Hertie Foundation. In this context the Max Delbrück Center offers a variety of practical solutions to better integrate work and family life, for example in the areas of work organization, working hours, child care and elder care.

The unit for talent management and staff development offers services, for instance for on-boarding (Welcome Office), and career development services and individual educational programs to develop professional skills for different groups through individually tailored solutions.

Our Mentoring program (established 2001) supports motivated postdocs to develop their professional skills, supports them to create a strong network of contacts within their field of research, and beyond. Experienced mentors share their knowledge and insights with the mentees and support them in their personal and professional development.

The “Elena Timofeeff-Ressovsky” lecture series (“Notable women in Science”) increases the visibility of excellent female scientists.

Highly qualified female candidates for executive-level positions and professorships are actively recruited. A collection with links to search databases is provided to support members of recruitment committees in finding potential female candidates.

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The Gender Equality Officer promotes equal opportunities at the Max Delbrück Center, participates in all personnel, social and organizational planning, decisions, and measures relevant to gender equality and advises female and male employees.



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RNA sequencing

Technologies such as RNA sequencing show which genes are translated in each individual cell. Using similar expression profiles, they were sorted by colour. The black lines symbolize a common origin of the cells. From these data, the researchers traced the cell lineages.

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