MDC Lab Coats

Current Projects and Activities

The Society of Friends of the MDC

Promoted projects

Promotion of scientific exchange by supporting

  • Max-Delbrück-Lectures  / Elena-Timoféefff-Ressovsky-Lecture Series
  • Child care during congresses

Awarding of prizes

  • Best Scientific Image Contest during the Long Night of Sciences in cooperation with Nikon GmbH
  • Best Poster and Best Talk dring the yearly PhD Retreats of MDC and FMP
  • Silent Hero Prize

Promotion of sports and networking by supporting the participation in:

  • Berlin Table Tennis Company-Cup
  • VitalLaufFest of HOWOGE
  • Berliner Firmenlauf in Mitte and Tiergarten
  • Berliner Wasserbetriebe 5x5 km TEAM-relay in the Tiergarten
  • Allod Gesundheitslauf in Berlin-Karow
  • TÜV Rheinland Berliner marathon relay on the former airport Tempelhof
  • and support of work-place health promotion and the further development of Campus Vital

Promotion of science, art, culture and history:

  • Local culture: the sculpture park and the Jeanne-Mammen-collection of the MDC
  • Scientific historical events.
  • maintenance about the grave of Karl Lohmann

Promotion of school's work at the Scientific Learning Lab

Promotion of the network between science and economy

Interlinking of Alumni-work with activities of Freundeskreis

Active involvement in and for the health city Berlin-Buch

  • Benefizconcerts 
  • Support of cultural events on Campus and in Buch
  • Movie Series „Cinema under the campus sky“ on Campus Buch
  • Support of integration of refugees in the neighbourhood