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2015 Alumni Meeting

This is the registration page for the MDC Alumni Meeting 2015. For some highlights of the meeting please visit us here.

How did that go again…? Riding the S-Bahn to the northernmost stop in Berlin, a walk through the countryside and crumbling concrete of the Buch retirementsville, to reach a leafy but right-angled and ordentlich campus, home to the Max-Delbrück-Center. However, a few days or weeks in and you realized that this place was not the end of Berlin, but a highly complex and sophisticated work-place with 1st floor Microscopes and the poster-printers, 2nd floor FACS machines, underground workshops, animal facilities directly around the corner and nice people everywhere to discuss your ideas or have a coffee.

If, after months or years, you'd like to relive those old memories, catch up with old friends, restart connections and meet the new researchers at the MDC… now's your chance!

We’d like to invite you to the MDC Alumni Meeting 2015! Feel welcome to spend a day with us and a weekend in Berlin. We will inform you about the current research situation in Germany, in Berlin and at the MDC and at the same time offer you the chance to get in touch with collaborators, old friends, back on your old stomping ground.


Registration deadline

Please register (no fee) until 7.4.2015 for the evening event (Thursday, 16.4.2015) and/or the MDC campus events (Friday, 17.4.2015) and send an email to

Invited speakers

Alumnus AG Scheidereit
Prof. Vigo Heissmeyer
Group leader: Molecular Immunregulation, Institute for Immunology, LMU Munich, Institute for Molecular Medicine, Helmholtz Center Munich

Alumnus AG Bader
Thomas Langenickel PhD
Director: Translational Medicine/ Cardiovascular Profiling, Novartis Pharma AG, Basel

Alumna AG Birchmeier
Dr. Natalia Soshnikova
Group leader: Developmental and Stem Cell Biology, Institute of Molecular Biology (IMB), Mainz

Alumnus AG Rajewsky
Dr. Dinis Calado
Group leader: Immunity and Cancer, Lincoln's Inn Fields laboratories, London Research Institute, London

Alumnus AG Morano
Ahmed Ihab Abdelaziz PhD MD
Associate Professor for Molecular Medicine & Genetic Pathology, Pharmaceutical Faculty, German University of Cairo, Cairo

Alumnus AG Heinemann
Dr. Andrei Halavaty
Research Associate: Department of Molecular Pharmacology and Biological Chemistry, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, Chicago

Helmholtz Association Representative
Dr. Jennifer Schevardo
Manager for Alumni Activities and Helmholtz & Friends, Helmholtz Head Office, Berlin

MDC Research Highlight Speaker
Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Rajewsky
Group leader at the MDC and Charite (Systems Biology), Berlin, Head of the Berlin Institute for Medical System Biology

Preliminary schedule

Thursday 16th April: Alumni Dinner

ZAZA Cocktailbar, Kastanienallee 12,10435 Berlin


Welcome in the ZAZA Lounge


Information about the MDC Network

Ways to stay in touch and keep informed

The MDC "Freundeskreis"

Dana Lafuente will introduce the society for supporters and friends of the MDC


D&D (dinner and discourse)

enjoy the evening with beverages, snacks/sushi and old friends

Friday 17th April: Networking & Information Day

MDC.C, Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine, Robert-Rössle-Str. 10, 13125 Berlin

AM Catch up with old lab-mates
(we are happy to help organize lab-tours and meetings with MDC groups)

Scientific talks of

10:00   Dinis Calado (London) in Dendrit 2/3

Interplay Between MYC and NFκB Deregulation in Mature B Cell Tumorigenesis

10:40   Natalia Soshnikova (Mainz) in Axon 2

Defining the embryonic precursors for adult intestinal stem cells

10:40   Ahmed Ihab Abdelaziz (Cairo) in Dendrit 2/3

Epigenetic Halting of Hepatocyte-HCV Infection and Malignant Transformation

11:20   Andrei Halavaty (Chicago) in Dendrit 2/3

Insights into Structure and Function of Selected Proteins from Pseudomonas, Staphylococcus and 


11:20   Vigo Heissmeyer (Munich) in Axon 2

Control of T cell differentiation by Roquin family proteins


Networking lunch with music in front of the Axon 1/2, MDC.C, 1st floor



Welcome of the Alumnae and Alumni at the MDC Axon 2

Thomas Sommer


MDC Research Highlight Axon 2

Nikolaus Rajewsky (MDC, Berlin): Regulatory RNAs


Experiences from Academia, Industry, and Transitions Dendrit 2/3

Our invited guests will share some key-points of their career-paths with us and 
tell their retrospective ideas about their benefits and drawbacks of their MDC-time

Vigo Heissmeyer & Ahmed Ihab Abdelaziz


coffee break with music



Structured networking activities Dendrit 2/3


Helmholtz - Helmholtz & Friends & You Dendrit 2/3

Jennifer Schevardo will introduce Helmholtz & Friends "(...) the Helmholtz Association’s new network, providing a platform for peers to 
come together and share their experiences of leadership, career development and 
lifelong learning."

Jennifer Schevardo


Stay in Touch with the MDC Dendrit 2/3

Oksana Seumenicht

18:00 - open end

Meet the young scientists and old hands at the Beer Session with pizza!


N.B. The MDC Career Day 2015 takes place on 16th April and is free to all (registration required). You might want to consider combining the two events.