MDC Alumni worldwide

MDC Alumni worldwide

We are very proud of our alumni.

After their years at the MDC many of them are now doing research at the most prestigious institutions all over the world, both in academia and industry, or they have moved to related fields such as scientific publishing, law, or philanthropy.

Here we want to present some of their stories and brought together a selection of our international alumni.

The brochure is being updated. It will be published shortly on this page.


  1. Ahmed Ihab Abdelaziz
  2. Vishal Agrawal
  3. Douaa AS Mugahid
  4. Luciana A. Baltatu
  5. Ovidiu Constantin Baltatu
  6. Thomas Biederer
  7. Jan Bieschke
  8. Katrina Binger
  9. Hannes Buelow
  10. Dinis Calado
  11. Cristina Cardoso
  12. Christna Chap
  13. Irene Coin
  14. Tiago Jose da Silva Lopes
  15. Katharina da Silva Lopes
  16. Emilia Danilowicz-Luebert
  17. Debashish Das
  18. Sonya Dumanis
  19. Yasuyuku Fujita
  20. Andrei Halavaty
  21. Paul Heppenstall
  22. Vedrana Högqvist-Tabor
  23. Jing Hu
  24. Joerg Huelsken
  25. Joo Koo Seong
  26. Ulrike Kutay
  27. Lianping Li
  28. Yves Muller
  29. Rick Scavetta
  30. Maliha Shah
  31. Deimantė Šimaitė
  32. Yoshiaki Sunami
  33. Hakan Toka
  34. Alexei Verkhratsky
  35. Lena Wartosh

This alumni list is envisaged as a regularly updated and ever-expanding network. It currently includes some international MDC alumni, in particular those, who have been actively fostering scientific co-operation links and contributing to our career development activities. (Current status: June 2016. Numbers reflect the current employment location of alumni.)