MDC Alumni worldwide

Strategy of the MDC Alumni Network

Our Alumni Strategy is an integral part of a broader MDC Career Network Concept.

The MDC Career Network Concept envisages the establishment and support of an active professional scientific network functioning in close cooperation with the Society of Friends of the MDC, and whose activities are centred on the following strategic areas of activity:

  • Scientific cooperation
  • Career development (workshops, lectures, seminars)
  • PR and recruitment
  • Campus activities
  • Alumni Meetings

Scientific Collaboration Initiatives with Alumni

Given the relative youth of our center the alumni activities have only recently started to be developed, although active networking have been encouraged and supported at different levels from early on. Among recent initiatives initiated by the MDC alumni the following joint scientific activities should be noted:

  • Sino-German symposia on Cardiovascular Genetics (Beijing, 2011 and Berlin, 2013) and Cancer and Immunity (Guangzhou, May 2014), funded by the Sino-German Science Center
  • Helmholtz-funded joint research group in Brazil and China

MDC Career Days and Alumni Lecture Series

In addition to fruitful scientific interactions, MDC alumni regularly contribute to the career development and community engagement activities at the MDC:

  • As speakers at the Career Pathways Series and our annual Career Day
  • As mentors within the MDC Mentoring Programme for female scientists and informally as part of the MDC Career Services

Society of Friends of the MDC

The Society of Friends of the MDC counts on many active alumni members, who support scientific seminar series, PhD prizes, the best scientific image contest during the Long Night of Sciences, and promote various sports activities, art and cultural events on the Campus Berlin-Buch, such as “Cinema under the Campus Sky” series, music concerts and much more.