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2017 Alumni Meeting USA

In 2017 the MDC celebrated its 25th anniversary and with its first alumni meeting abroad, specifically in San Francisco. This allowed us to celebrate together with our international alumni members and our collaboration partners in the region. This meeting was supported by the the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.

The meeting took place on 24 August 2017, just ahead of the 17th Annual meeting of the GAIN Network.



Second MDC Alumni Meeting

In 2015 the second Alumni Meeting was organized in close connection to the annual career development week at the MDC. All MDC Alumni were kindly invited to register for this event which took place at the Berlin city center and the MDC grounds. The announcement can be found here.

April 15th 2015 - Prelude of the Meeting

Location of the evening event in Berlin downtown

Meet former colleagues and friends...

... discuss current scientific issues and job experiences ...

... and have some delicacy together.

April 16th 2015 - Alumni Day at the MDC

Starting the Alumni Day at the MDC grounds

The Welcome Note by Thomas Sommer

The MDC Research Highlight by Nikolaus Rajewsky ...

... and the audience ...

... in Axon 2.

Two Patrons of the Meeting.

Meet former friends and colleagues ...

Exchange experience

Claus Scheidereit und Ahmed Ihab Abdelaziz 

Refresh connections

Jennifer Schevardo from Helmholtz and Friends at the Meeting.

The Jazzy Background Music 

Round Table with the MDC Alumnae and Alumni

Vigo Heissmeyer reviews his time at the MDC.

Klaus Rajewsky and Thomas Sommer

Zsuzsanna Izsvak and Stefan Kempa

A great "Thank you!" to all supporters, patrons and participants of the meeting...

... and we hope to see you at one of the next meetings as well!


First MDC Alumni Meeting

In 2012 the first MDC Alumni Meeting was organised as part of the broader 20-year anniversary celebration of the center. It attracted about 60 former MDC researchers from ten countries, as far away as Brazil, the USA, Canada, China and India. It featured research updates from alumni who currently head their own labs or institutes.

In addition, alumni also reflected on their diverse careers in academia and industry at a dedicated “Career Pathways Special” panel discussion. This meeting offered an excellent opportunity to network, and it also indicated alumni’s strong wish to stay in touch with the center, contribute to the career development of its PhD students and postdocs, and profit from updates on science-related developments in Germany, scientific collaboration, and direct recruitment opportunities of highly-skilled MDC-trained researchers.


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