Berlin Summer Meeting


Dear Friends and Colleagues,

In October 2018, we will celebrate the beginning of a new era for us. By then, it will have been 10 years since the “Berlin Institute for Medical Systems Biology” (BIMSB) was founded. BIMSB is a new unit of the MDC for Molecular Medicine. It has its own scientific mission and institutionalized governmental funding. Having started with one group, BIMSB now accommodates ~250 scientists and staff. Seventeen group leaders have joined BIMSB to date, the vast majority of them hired from abroad. More group leaders (from Assistant Professor to Full Professor) will be hired within the next years. We have been incubating on the Campus in Berlin-Buch, and, we think, achieved to build a highly collaborative and successful new life science center in which the best scientists from different disciplines are coming together to unlock secrets of how genes are regulated in health and in disease.

With Staab Architekten, one of Germany’s leading architecture firms, we are building a beautiful new building, nearing completion, in the center of Berlin, right on the Life Science Campus of the Humboldt University, and in immediate vicinity of the Charité, the largest medical University in Europe. The new building has been designed with our ambition in mind to break boundaries between different scientific disciplines and levels of gene regulation. It will also serve to engage the public, the life sciences in Berlin, politics and the arts in open dialogues.

We are devoting the 11th annual Berlin Summer Meeting to celebrate the opening of our new home. We decided to invite scientists who we think have been essential for our science. We are honored to be hosting an outstanding selection of the very best scientists - including two Nobel laureates.

We warmly invite you to join us for the Grand BIMSB Opening Symposium and look forward to your participation.

Sincerely yours,

Nikolaus Rajewsky

Nikolaus Rajewsky, on behalf of all BIMSB group leaders

Our 11th Berlin Summer Meeting is scheduled as Grand BIMSB Opening Symposium from October 25 to 27, 2018. Save the date.

Further Information

Systems Biology Lectures

Summer Semester 2018

Scientific colleagues come together in Summer Semester 2018 to present lectures on the topic of Systems Biology & Cancer. All are welcome to attend.

Student Seminar in Systems Biology at the MDC


Every second Friday, our students present their work in progress and invite fellow students and scientific faculty to join the discussion.

The seminars take place at 12:00 at the Max Delbrück Communications Center and all are welcome to attend.

Upcoming Seminars

July 27 - Jonathan Fröhlich (AG N Rajewsky) and Carlos Vieira (AG Selbach)

July 13 - Katrina Meyer (AG Selbach) and Ella Bahry (AG Preibisch)

June 29 - Gesa Loof (AG Pombo) and Nida ul Fatima (AG Tursun)

June 15 - Bo Hu (AG Junker), Marina Petkovic (AG Schwarz) and Mareike Simon (AG Wolf)

June 1 - Sophia Bauch (AG Ohler) and Jonathan Ronen (AG Akalin)


May 18 - Philipp Wahle (AG Zinzen) and Petar Glazar (AG N Rajewsky)

Apr 20 - Julia Löffler (AG Kempa), Lorena Sofia Lopez Zepeda (AG Ohler) and Alexander Gosdschan ( AG Akalin/Tursun) 

Apr 6 -Katarzyna Wreczycka (AG Akalin) and Roberto Arsie (AG Landthaler)

Mar 23 - Karoline Holler (AG Junker) and Boris Bogdanow (AG Selbach)

Mar 9 - Selman Bulut (AG Tursun), Stella de Biase (AG Schwarz) and Jonas Peters (AG Landthaler)

Feb 28 - Nicolai Kastelic (AG Landthaler) and Giulia Caglio (AG Pombo)

Feb 9 - Alexander Glahs (AG Zinzen) and Marcel Schilling (AG N Rajewsky)

Jan 26 - Henriette Miko (AG Ohler), Gülkiz Baytek (AG Tursun & AG Mertins) and Orsalia Hazapis (AG Landthaler)


Dec 15 - Christin Stottmeister (AG N Rajewsky) and Joao Fernandes (AG Selbach)

Nov 03 - Nadine Royla (AG Kempa) and Stefan Stefanov (AG Meyer)

Oct 20 - Julia Löffler (AG Kempa) and Ruben Abreu (AG Landthaler)

Oct 06 - Inga Patarcic (AG Akalin) and Nina Mitic (AG Junker)

Sep 22 - Haiyue Liu (AG N Rajewsky) and Ana Miguel Fernandes (AG Pombo)

Sep 08 - Kamila Kutz (AG Selbach) and Yuliang Qu (AG Tursun)

July 28 - Klim Kolyvanov (AG Preibisch) and Cledi Cerda Jara (AG N Rajewsky)

July 14 - Christin Stottmeister (AG N Rajewsky) and Ulrike Zinnall (AG Landthaler)

June 14 (Wed) - Vera Zywitza (AG N Rajewsky) and Christian Martin Burkert (AG Ohler)

June 02 - Asija Diag (AG N Rajewsky) and Rieke Kempfer (AG Pombo)

May 19 - Ana Luisa Guimaraes (AG Zinzen) and Veronica Benito Delgado (AG DiVirgilio)

May 05 - Laura Breimann (AG Preibisch) and Petar Glazar (AG N Rajewsky)

Apr 21 - Bo Hu (AG Junker) and Camilla Ciolli Mattioli (AG Chekulaeva)

Apr 07 - Ella Bahry (AG Preibisch) and Marco Uhrig (AG Obermayer and AG N Rajewsky)

Mar 24 - Gesa Loof (AG Pombo) and Selman Bulut (AG Tursun)

Feb 24 - Student Symposium in Systems Biology - Program

Mar 10 - Jonathan Ronen (AG Akalin) and Nida ul Fatima (AG Tursun)

Feb 10 - Jonathan Froehlich (AG N Rajewsky) and Giulia Caglio (AG Pombo)

Jan 27 - Karoline Holler (AG Junker) and Sophia Bauch (AG Ohler)

Jan 13 - Katarzyna Wreczycka (AG Akalin), Katrina Meyer (AG Selbach) and Ekatarina Eroshok (AG Ohler)


Symposia, Workshops, Summer Schools etc.


Past Events


Nov 14 - Model Systems, Organoids and the Human Cell Atlas 

Sep 25-29 - Summer School - Poster
Computational Genomics and RNA Biology

Jul 05 & 10 - Summer Special - Poster
Michael Elowitz, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, USA

Mar 07 - Presentation and Workshop - Program
BIMSB/BIH Genomics Platform

Feb 24 - Symposium - Program
Student Symposium in Systems Biology


Nov 14-18 - Workshop
Biological Image - Reconstruction and Analysis

Nov 08 - Berlin Translational Dialogue
RNA-Medicine: From RNA Discoveries to Future Therapies

Oct 12 - Retreat - Program
Bilateral Retreat of the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, Polish Academy of Sciences and the Berlin Institute for Medical Systems Biology at the MDC Berlin-Buch

Sep 26 - Symposium - Program
Independent Junior Group Leader in Systems Biology

Sep 12-23 - Workshop - Poster
Computational Genomics - Approaches to precision medicine

Jun 27-28 - Lectures - Poster
Nikolaus Rajewsky - 5 Lectures in 2 days on RNA

Jun 01-03 - Conference - Program
European Worm Meeting 2016

Apr 29 - Symposium - Program
1st Student Symposium in Systems Biology

Feb 24-25 - Symposium - Program
Scientific Platform Leader in Microscopy


BIMSB Seminar Series


The aim of the BIMSB Seminar Series is to share and discuss the latest results and developments in Systems Biology. It features both scientists from BIMSB as well as guests from around the world. Each year, around four world-leading scientists are invited to give special Distinguished Speaker lectures.

The seminar takes place on Tuesdays, 2 pm at the MDC.C Axon 2. We cordially invite everybody interested to join this event. No registration is required.

Distinguished Speakers

14.02.2017 | Alexander van Oudenaarden | Hubrecht Institute, Utrecht

06.12.2016 | Wolf Reik | Babraham Institute, Cambridge

01.09.2016 | Oliver Hobert | Columbia University New York

26.05.2015 | Anders Krogh | University of Copenhagen

05.05.2015 | Eric Westhof | IBMC/CNRS Strasbourg 

21.04.2015 | Matthias Hentze | EMBL Heidelberg

01.07.2014 | Hans R. Schoeler | MPI Muenster

04.06.2014 | Xiaoliang Sunney Xie | Harvard University, Cambridge

17.09.2013 | Patrick Cramer | Gene Center Munich | LMU

20.06.2013 | Michael Levine | University of California, Berkeley

Read more about the Distinguished Speaker visits.

BIMSB Guest Speakers


This event brings together Berlin based researchers in the field of Medical Systems Biology. The periodic events are an occasion where invited speakers provide us with updates on recent developments from both Germany and abroad. All members of the campus are welcome to join!

Upcoming Seminars

June 19 - Zissimos Mourelatos, University of Pennsylvania, Perelman School of Medicine