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Feb 26: BIMSB Research Building officially inaugurated by Chancellor Angela Merkel:

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"Wir leben in spannenden Zeiten"

Forschen für ein gesundes Leben

Neuer Standort vom Max-Delbrück-Centrum: "Grenzen aufbrechen"

Eröffnung des neuen Max-Delbrück-Zentrums

Ein Mini-Gehirn in Berlin soll die Forschung voranbringen

Angela Merkel eröffnet neues Forschungszentrum in Berlin-Mitte

Merkel eröffnet in Berlin neues Forschungslabor

Max-Delbrück-Centrum eröffnet Standort Ein Haus für die Biologie-Avantgarde

250 Forscher suchen in Mitte das Geheimnis des Lebens

Hier schaut Angela Merkel auf ein Mini-Gehirn  

Institut in Mitte: Merkel eröffnet in Berlin neues Forschungslabor 

Blick in Medizin-Zukunft: Merkel eröffnet Forschungsinstitut 

Wenn Science-Fiction Realität wird 

“European photo of the day”, 26.02.: Merkel visits new building of Berlin Institute for Molecular Medicine photo information



Grand BIMSB Opening Symposium: Tagesspiegel, 31 October 2018: Mäuse, Menschen und Modelle (German)

Uwe Ohler explaining how he makes sense of noisy genomic data. Latest Thinking, May 2018:

Nikolaus Rajewsky on revolutionizing life sciences. Süddeutsche Zeitung, 18 February 2018: Newtons Erbe (German)

Gene-editing tool can be harnessed to give a close-up view of life's most basic processes (featuring work from Jan Philipp Junker’s lab). Nature News, 15 February 2018: CRISPR hack transforms cells into data recorders

The regulome includes noncoding RNAs with varied functions yet to be deciphered (Uwe Ohler is cited). Nature Methods, February 2018: Meet some of the code breakers of non-coding RNAs



A virtual fly embryo (Karaiskos, Wahle et al, Science, 13 October 2017; labs of Nikolaus Rajewsky and Robert Zinzen)

Circular RNA impacts brain function  (Piwecka, Glazar et al., Science, 22 September 2017; labs of Carmen Birchmeier and Nikolaus Rajewsky):

About 20 other news outlets reported on the study as well.

A new technology dynamically records the differentiation of stem cells and provides insights into the development of different tissues and into the development of cancer (DKFZ collaboration with Sascha Sauer). Ärzteblatt, 22 August 2017: Neue Technik: Zelldifferenzierung per Barcode verfolgen (German)

    Recent research has revealed many surprises about circular RNAs (citing several studies of Nikolaus Rajewsky). The Scientist, 17 July 2017: Uncovering Functions of Circular RNAs

    Analyses of life's most basic elements promise to improve therapies and provide insights into some of the most fundamental processes in biology (the editorial regarding this special mentions a News & Views by Ana Pombo). Nature News, 5 July 2017: Single cell biology

    Scientists are striving for a deeper view of development, from embryo to adult, cell-by-cell (Jan Philipp Juncker is quoted on cell-lineage trees of early embryos). Nature News, 5 July 2017: The trickiest family tree in biology

    A team of Israeli and German scientists have discovered a protein-coding function for circular RNA (Pamudurti et al., Molecular Cell, 6 April 2017; collaboration of Sebastian Kadener from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem with Markus Landthaler, Marina Chekuleava and Nikolaus Rajewsky):

    An international team of scientists around Ana Pombo has devised a powerful new technique that maps the three-dimensional geography of the entire genome. Technology Networks, 13 March 2017: Mapping the genome in 3D

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