Press and Articles


Articles published in iMDC, the magazine for all employees and guests of the MDC

Strong partners from China (issue 04/2013, in English and German)

The Quest to Understand “How Life Works” (issue 03/2012, in English and German)

Team Spirit, Molecules, Flashes of Light and a Spontaneous Idea (issue 02/2011, in English and German)

Berlin or New York (issue 02/2011, in English and German)

Starting Shot for new BIMSB Building in Berlin City (issue 01/2011, in English and German)

Articles published in, a magazine about people, research projects, studies and events in the research area of systems biology in Germany

RNA bioinformatics under one roof - The RNA bioinformatics service center (issue 10/2016, in English and German)

German network for bioinformatics infrastructure - de.NBI (issue 10/2016, in English and German)

enigmatic RNAs - Circular RNAs (circRNAs) are a widespread class of molecules (issue 08/2014, in English and German)

hepatomasys - Evaluating cancer’s metabolome for diagnosis and therapy (issue 08/2014, in English and German)

If it says C. elegans on the cover, it is actually about systems biology! (issue 08/2014, in English and German)

Da ist die Dynamik spürbar (issue 07/2013, only in German)

ISBE - Infrastructure for Systems Biology in Europe  (issue 06+07/2013, in English and German)

Of mice and models - Geneticists and system biologists meet at the Berlin Summer Meeting 2012 (issue 06/2013, in English and German)

Dem posttranskriptionalen regulatorischen Code auf der Spur (issue 05/2012, only in German)

Digital and analogue data processing in the p53 signalling pathway (issue 04/2012, in English and German)

Systems biology goes multicellular (issue 03/2011, in English and German)

Systembiologie in Berlin – Potentiale und Perspektiven (issue 02/2010, only in German)


When Science Is a Family Tradition (Cell 11/2015, only in English)

Nature Methods

A blooming genomic desert (Nature Methods 11/2014, only in English)

bild der wissenschaft

bild der wissenschaft plus: "Gesundheit 2030 - Die molekulare Herausforderung", a special edition in association with MDC and FMP

Das Leben auf allen Ebenen zugleich (2012, only in German)


Unternehmen Region - Entrepreneurial Regions - The BMBF Innovation Initiative for the New German Länder

Der Schlüssel des Lebens - die Regulation der Gene (2012, only in German)

ZEIT Magazin - Interview with Klaus and Nikolaus Rajewsky

Bisher war es aufregend, jetzt wird es dramatisch (issue 29/2011, only in German)