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Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Biophysics and/or Computational Biology - Modelling of endothelial cell dynamics and mechanics during vascular development

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Integrative Vascular Biology

The Integrative Vascular Biology Laboratory aims to unravel the fundamental principles and molecular/genetic regulation of functional vascular network formation in development and disease. We are based in Berlin at the Max Delbrueck Center for Molecular Medicine (MDC). The ultimate goal of our research activities is to advance our understanding of the mechanisms controlling formation and patterning of hierarchically branched vascular networks, with the aim to thus inform, innovate and implement therapeutic approaches to mitigate cardiovascular complications, and establish or restore tissue homeostasis in compromised patients. The MDC is a biomedical research institute dedicated to interdisciplinary research in the areas of Medical Systems Biology, Function and Dysfunction of the Nervous System, Cardiovascular and Metabolic diseases, and Cancer. As a member of the Helmholtz Association of National Research Centers, the MDC is funded by the Federal Government of Germany and the Senate of Berlin.
The Gerhardt lab is looking for an outstanding postdoctoral research fellow with a background in Biophysics or Computational Biology, who is interested in modelling various aspects of blood vessel development: from the sensing of blood flow by single endothelial cells, to their collective migration within blood vessels and the resulting remodelling of vascular networks during development and disease. The project will be based on a combination of numerical methods and analytical approaches, with a close back-and-forth between theory and experiments performed within the lab.
The successful candidate will work collaboratively within an international and interdisciplinary research team of molecular and cellular biologists and also help design experiments and analyse experimental data challenging theoretical predictions.

  • Close collaboration with experimental biologists to understand the biological systems and the relevant open research questions
  • Design and analysis of mechanical/mathematical models of various aspects of the vasculature in development and disease; tools of choice depend on applicant’s preferences and experiences, and can range from analytical methods to numerical simulations
  • Development of mechanistic hypotheses, and their test both in theory and experiments
  • Clear communication of the models and underlying Physics within the interdisciplinary team
  • Development and application of methods of quantitative biology such as analysing trajectories, various aspects of automated image analysis, qPCR results, … analyse data for the modelling project but also for the support of other projects within the team


  • PhD in Biophysics, Computational Biology or a related discipline
  • Relevant experience, and proven track record in modelling of complex biological systems
  • Understanding of basic cell and fluid mechanics
  • Very good bioinformatic programming skills and knowledge of programming languages (e.g. Python, MatLab, C++, R) and numerical simulations
  • Ideally experience in advanced data science (including computational image analysis, time series analysis, statistics, ...)
  • Good understanding of Biology and a desire to work synergistically in direct collaboration with experimentalists
  • Team spirit, ability to work closely within an interdisciplinary research team
  • Open-minded, creative and communicative person
  • Very good English skills, German not required

The MDC is an equal opportunity employer and supports gender equality.

Please, send your application including all documents indicating the registration number preferably by e-mail to as pdf files (2 files of 5 MB at the maximum) as we do not return any papers.


E 13 TVöD/Bund

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2 years, extension possible

Application Period

until the position is filled


For further questions and enquiries please contact: Holger Gerhardt Holger: and Silvanus Alt:

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