9th MDC Mentoring Program for Postdocs

Call for Applications - open until January 21st, 2019

What is Mentoring? Mentoring is a powerful personal development tool to promote young talent in industry, science and economics.

Mentoring is a process in which an experienced leader in research, industry or university (the mentor) accompanies and provides advice and support to a (usually) more junior individual (the mentee) for a limited period during his/her career.

This cooperative, equal relationship between mentee and mentor (“one-to-one mentoring”) is non-hierarchical and key to the mentoring process. Mentor and mentee agree on regular meetings and remain in frequent contact in the meantime.

Mentoring helps qualified, dedicated mentees to identify and develop personal skills that will help them to advance in their careers.

Mentoring facilitates the formation of new contacts and the development of a career network.

Our target group consists of male and female post-doctoral scientists.

The program is organized by the Postdoc Office in cooperation with the MDC’s Human Resources Development and the Women’s Staff Representative.

In addition to one-to-one mentoring our program will offer regular group meetings to reflect and accompany the mentoring process. Mentees can benefit from individual coaching as well as workshops on specific topics, such as leadership skills, communication and career counseling. The focus is also on success factors and career obstacles, especially in terms of equal opportunities. The program is our contribution to support gender equality in science.

The program is designed both for German and English speaking postdocs. Those accepted to the program are expected to arrange regular meetings with mentors and attend workshops and monthly group-meetings for the duration of the program.

Please find guidelines for your written application in the MDC Intranet. The "Mentoring" page can be found in the main navigation panel of the "POSTDOCS" tab. Please send your application latest by January 21st, 2019 to postdocoffice@mdc-berlin.de.

Flyer: 9th MDC Mentoring Program for Postdocs

Language: English

As of: 2018