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About Us

The MDC strives to provide a vibrant innovation ecosystem that motivates our researchers to develop technologies and products for clinical application, and thus to make a meaningful impact on human health.

We are collaborating with external innovation partners including Ascenion, Berlin Health Innovation (joint Technology Transfer of Charité and BIH), Helmholtz Association, BBB Management and SPARK to encourage and educate researchers, to provide access to expertise and funding schemes and to facilitate cooperation projects with industry and the formation of spin-off companies.

The Technology Transfer Office

  • Helps identifying and assessing the market potential of discoveries and inventions made at the MDC
  • Supports technology development by managing technology transfer-oriented funding schemes and mentorship
  • Safeguards the necessary property rights and manages the IP portfolio of the institute
  • Provides opportunities for exchanges of information and materials with industry
  • Pursues marketing and commercialization in collaboration with our partner Ascenion through expert market analysis, license and partnership negotiation, and the creation of spin-off companies
  • Stimulates innovation and entrepreneurship within the MDC community through workshops and seminars on technology transfer-related topics


MDC Team

Head of Department (interim)

Dr. Gerd Müller


g.mueller@mdc-berlin.de  |   Phone: +49 30 9406-2836

Team Assistant

Ines Krock


Ines.Krock@mdc-berlin.de  |   Phone: +49 30 9406-4227

Innovation and Technology Managers

Dr. Antonia Nicole Klein


Antonia.Klein@mdc-berlin.de  |   Phone: +49 30 9406-4213

Dr. Beatrice Pöschel


Beatrice.Poeschel@mdc-berlin.de | Phone: +49 30 9406-2597

Dr. Daniel Romaker


Daniel.Romaker@mdc-berlin.de  |   Phone: +49 30 9406-2833

Patent Administration

Katharina Koblitz


KatharinaLaura.Koblitz@mdc-berlin.de  |   Phone: +49 30 9406-4299

Ascenion Team

Director Technology Management


Technology Managers