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ASPIRE Academic Leadership

The “Academic Leadership” track is designed to help participants position themselves in a leadership position within universities and other scientific and research institutions. Many postdoctoral researchers aim to become experts in their field. An academic position, however, requires additional skills and competences that will determine the productivity and success of the working group.
In this track, participants will have the possibility to acquire knowledge not only in the financial questions of the academic world, but also in the maintenance and establishment of a good and effective work environment.

In this track, participants will learn to reflect on their personal leadership style, and techniques to develop it according to their goals. The topics covered include:

  • how to obtain funding
  • preparation for professorships
  • fundamentals of teaching and didactics
  • leadership skills
  • presentation skills
  • visual communication
  • open science 

Job perspectives in academia

While an academic career is the main career choice for a lot of scientists, it is also known that out of 100 doctoral researchers, only about 5 to 10 will become a Professor. However, academic positions do not only entail becoming a Professor or Principal Investigator, but also leading or working in a Core Facility, obtaining a permanent contract as a Scientist in a research centre or university, or teaching positions at universities or high education institutions.