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ASPIRE Entrepreneurship

The aim of the Entrepreneurship track is to familiarise participants with entrepreneurial skills and business-oriented thinking and acting. In addition to business planning and financing, topics such as marketing, leadership and team-work will be covered.
The track consists on one to two-day workshops over one academic year, with an overall structure to ensure cohesiveness and not lose momentum. During the duration of the track, you will work in multidisciplinary teams and be able to put the knowledge acquired into practice.

Participation in this track will allow you to explore entrepreneurship as a career and build knowledge and confidence of business start-up through practical application. By participating in this modular track, you will:

  • Train business-oriented thinking and acting
  • Gain practical, real world entrepreneurial experience
  • Learn how to convince others of your idea (business pitching)
  • Develop skills in leadership, teamwork and project management
  • Obtain guided support and exposure to industry and influential entrepreneurs
  • Expand your competencies in science and business-related careers


Job perspectives in Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs with a good business idea will pitch their model to a panel of investors or venture capitalists in the hope of obtaining funding. They will develop and scale the business idea in order to make profit. Scientists with an entrepreneurial mindset and training can also work in or in collaboration with biotech companies, consultancies, technology transfer offices and companies, or as freelancers.