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ASPIRE Science Communication

The Science Communication program is aimed at researchers who, in parallel to their scien- tific work, want to develop specific communication skills and get involved in public engage- ment, citizen science and science communication.

The workshops aim to provide basic and diversified knowledge in a variety of topics related to science communication. They are conducted by experienced experts, who are active in science communication, public engagement, journalism and digital media. By participating in this track, you will:

  • practice dealing with different media
  • become more familiar with the working methods of journalists
  • develop communication strategies targeted to different audiences
  • practice communicating complex topics in an understandable manner
  • learn how to effectively use social media
  • become more familiar with all aspects of Open Science


Job perspectives in Science Communication

Science communication is a very diverse career path. Areas in the science communication field include science publishing and science writing, citizen science, public engagement, TV and radio, public relations and marketing, education, science policy, etc. Potential employers can be governmental and non-governmental institutions, consulting companies, universities and schools, museums, communication agencies and companies, etc.