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ASPIRE Science Management

Careers in ‘science management’ have emerged over the last two decades due to the increasing complexity and amount of specific processes in scientific institutions, as well as rising national and international competition. Science management covers activities at the interface of science and administration. At all levels of the organization there is a realignment of job profiles and professional roles that meet the increased management needs.
Science managers work across disciplines and hierarchies and create a space for science that is open to influences from politics, businesses and society.

The field of science management requires extensive competences and knowledge regarding the organization and control of scientific institutions. The participants of this program will develop a broad knowledge on concepts related to project management, finance and quality management, organizational and personal development and strategic management. The theoretical training is supplemented by practical work and mentoring. 

The participants of this track will gain fundamental knowledge on concepts such as:

  • data management
  • networking skills
  • grant writing
  • conflict resolution
  • ethics and integrity


Job perspectives in Science Management:

Coordinators, managers and managing directors in academic institutions (universities, polytechnics, non-university research institutions), in science administration (Senate Administration, ministries, EU), in academies