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Connect & Collaborate

If you are looking to sponsor research or to find the right Researcher at the MDC to address your specific needs, please follow this link.

The MDC is recognized as one of the top Molecular Biology and Genetics research institutions in the world with a strong reputation for cutting edge translational research. The Technology Transfer Office forges links between industry and research groups to enable collaboration on basic research and technology development. Let us help you explore research resources, find collaborators and solve difficult problems using MDC's research expertise.

How to engage with MDC researchers

The first step is a general consensus as to the nature of the research project between you and the researcher(s) from the MDC. Once this is achieved, the Technology Transfer Office will participate in creating whatever documents are necessary to formalize the partnership. As soon as we have received all required information on the research proposal from the Principal Investigator we will contact you to discuss the preparation of the appropriate contract.