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Fellows at the MDC

Delbrück Fellows

With the Delbrück Fellowship scheme the MDC allows promising young scientists to carry out their own independent research. Delbrück Fellows have already demonstrated that they are capable of conducting high quality research. Fellows are associated with MDC host research groups and this allows them to receive lab space, infrastructure, and a research budget. The host research group guarantees the Fellow's independence in terms of research topic and Fellows may publish as senior author. In addition to this MDC support, Delbrück Fellows are expected to apply for external funding sources. Fellowships are typically granted for between three and five years.

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Cécile Vogt Programme

With the Cécile Vogt Programme the MDC intends to promote the scientific careers of women and enhance the number of successful female candidates in high-ranking positions. With the help of this programme, an early step into independence as well the visibility of female scientists' achivements is anticipated. The Cécile Vogt Programme is directed to attract internal as well as external scientists who have completed their PhD. Funding through the programme can be applied for an initial four years with the option to prolong the project for another two years on written application. Financing includes the salary of the Fellow and a budget for consumables. The postdoc needs the support of a senior group leader at the MDC. It is expected that the group leader will show commitment to the Fellow and her project for the whole duration of funding. The Fellow's research topic is independent from the host group leader's research and she will be allowed to publish as senior author.

Helmholtz Postdoc Programme

Talented young academics who have completed a promising doctoral thesis can take advantage of a new Helmholtz Association programme designed to help them further develop their scientific excellence effectively. They will receive a grant for a period of two to three years directly after earning their PhD, enabling them to work independently on a research topic of their own choosing and establish themselves in their field of research, e.g. by publishing on the topic. To promote equal opportunities, it is intented to grant at least 50 percent of the positions in the programme to women.

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Current award holders