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ORION Open Science Researcher Training Workshop

The Benefits of Open Science for You! 9th Oct 2018, MDC

Open Science concepts and tools have the potential to transform the current scientific system for the greater good of all, but what does it mean for you? How can you and your work benefit from the Open Science movement?

In this highly interactive workshop, we will explore Open Science principles and how they relate to your day-to-day scientific practice. You’ll walk out with a strong personal understanding of what Open Science is and with a set of actionable steps and resources for its implementation. After the workshop you’ll know how to fully harness the potential of incorporating Open Science into your professional life.


09:00           Start

Stage 1:       Identifying Challenges, Criticisms, and Better Worlds in Research

Stage 2:       Personalizing Open Science Topics

Stage 3:       Developing Action Plans

Including two coffee breaks and a lunch break

17:00           Finish


Dr. Luiza Bengtsson & Dr. Emma Harris

ORION Open Science Project

Communications Department, MDC




The workshop is an official satellite event of the OpenCon 2018:





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