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Projects - Spring 2019

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1. Solving the simulation problem of ground-based gamma-ray astronomy

    David Berge, DESY & HU Berlin , Alexander Reinefeld, ZIB & HU Berlin


2. Deep learning meets structural biology

    Frank Noe, FU Berlin & Oliver Daumke, MDC & FU Berlin


3. Towards simulating whole cells

    Tim Conrad, ZIB & FU Berlin, Christof Schütte, ZIB & Martin Lohse, MDC


4. Joint Copy-number Segmentation and Phasing from Multi-region Cancer Sequencing Data

    Roland Schwarz, MDC & AG Reinert, FU-Berlin


5. Optimization of Data Science Processes

    Volker Markl, TU Berlin & Uwe Ohler, MDC


6. Machine Learning Meets Theoretical Chemistry: Data-driven Analysis of Grapheneoxide

    Annika Bande, HZB &   Ulf Leser, HU


7. Array of Tunable Single Proton Emitters for Photonic Reservoir Computing and Quantum Computing

    Catherine Dubordieu, HZB & Stefan Reitzenstein, TU


8. Optimization of Solar Energy Yield and Specific Load Conditions Considering Electric Buses in Public Transportation

    Carolin Ulbrich, HZB, Rutger Schlatmann, HZB & Natalia Kliewer FU


9. VirtualBrainCloud: Linking Systems Biology and Computational Neuroscience

    Petra Ritter, Charite Universitätsmedizin


10. Facilitating machine learning on super-high resolution Earth observation data for detecting and quantifying Arctic permafrost thaw dynamics

    Guido Grosse, AWI & Johann-Christoph Freytag, HU