BIMSB Opening Feb 2019

Medical Systems Biology

The Berlin Institute for Medical Systems Biology (BIMSB)

Scientific Mission

Levels of gene regulation

Cells employ multiple sophisticated levels of gene regulation, which include the organization of chromosomes in the nucleus, epigenetic gene regulation, transcription, post-transcriptional gene regulation and post-translational modifications. The grand challenge and unique Scientific Mission of the “Berlin Institute for Medical Systems Biology” (BIMSB) is to integrate these levels of gene regulation into comprehensive and predictive models that elucidate their function in health and disease, which is by its nature a truly interdisciplinary endeavour.

Major diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular, neurodegenerative and metabolic disorders are known to be multifactorial, involving complex interactions between many genes, causes and variants. To extend our understanding of this interplay between regulatory networks in the course of disease, we aim to quantitatively characterize disease relevant events where genes, transcripts, signals, and metabolites interact. To this end, we employ high-throughput quantitative technologies combined with large-scale computational capacities and powerful theoretical approaches, which allow the holistic and quantitative analysis of biological systems. Collecting and analyzing systems-wide quantitative data will allow developing diagnostic and therapeutic concepts for modern biomedicine.

BIMSB is committed to “Breaking Boundaries” - between different scientific disciplines; between different levels of gene regulation; between the MDC, Berlin Universities and other local research institutes; between basic and applied research; between people from different countries and with different backgrounds; between countries by maintaining relationships with international partners; between science, the arts and society.


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Latest BIMSB News

September 2020


July 2020

New group leader Dr. Laleh Haghverdi joined BIMSB


February 2020

Recruitment Symposium
"Advanced Imaging Applications for Systems Biology" &
"Computational/Theoretical Approaches for Deciphering Human Disease Data"
Feb 24, 2020, 9 am – 6:15 pm in the large BIMSB conference room

Recruitment Symposium
“Single Cell Goes Clinical"

Feb 6, 2020, 9 am – 6:40 pm in the large BIMSB conference room


November 2019

Jan Phillip Junker named EMBO Young Investigator

1st HU-BIMSB Symposium @ BIMSB


October 2019

Open Positions

Independent Junior Group Leader Position in Advanced Imaging Applications for Systems Biology

Independent Junior Group Leader Position in Computational or Theoretical Approaches for Deciphering Human Disease Data

3 Independent Junior Research Group Leaders in Single Cell Approaches for Personalized Medicine


September 2019

Breaking Boundaries: Festive Opening with Pamela Biermann, Wolf Biermann and Jens Reich


April 2019

© Inforadio des rbb

Wissenschaftsredakteur Thomas Prinzler hat für das Inforadio des rbb mit Prof. Rajewsky über das BIMSB und über ein Hirn in der Petrischale gesprochen.


February 2019
BIMSB Research Building officially inaugurated by Chancellor Angela Merkel


January 2019

LifeTime receives EU funding


December 2018
Breakthrough of the Year