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Training & Events

For PhD students and PostDocs

Scientific Transferable-skills training offered at the MDC provides PhD students and PostDocs with ample opportunities to advance your scientific knowledge and expand your personal skills necessary to succeed in research, industry, management and administration.

Scientific Education

The MDC offers a set of scientific workshops, lectures and seminar series. 

  • PhD Retreat
  • Scientific Workshops
  • Lectures
  • Student Seminar Series

Complementary Skills

The MDC offers a set of complemetary training courses on Campus. 

  • Summer School 
  • Science Communication Training
  • Complementary skills off Campus

Complementary skills off Campus

The Specialized Research Schools MolNeuro, TransCard and SignGene offer in addition to courses on Campus a comprehensive transferable skills program developed and conducted by trainers from Imperial College London, UK. This 3-year program is tailored to the needs of students at distinct stages of their graduate work and organized for the Research Schools of all Helmholtz Centers fostering exchange of graduate students from all over Germany

Research skills development in Year 1

This course covers topics such as working in a team of international scientists, networking and communication skills, personal effectiveness and time management.

Presentation and communication skills in Year 2

During this course, you will learn how to communicate your science effectively: How to write an abstract or scientific paper, how to present complex scientific topics to an audience in a poster or talk.

Career and leadership in Year 3

This course prepares you for advancing your career to the next level. Topics such as career planning and development, and your personal style of leadership are covered.