PhD Program Brochure

Students and Faculty

Your network at the MDC

The MDC Graduate School currently supports over 380 doctoral researchers working in one of the 69 research groups at the institute or at one of our partner institutions.

The Graduate School is in close collaboration with the Program Speaker, faculty members and representatives of Research Schools who altogether contribute to the further development of the Graduate Program.

Program Speaker

The MDC Graduate School as well as the research schools and exchange programs are each headed by one or more program speakers.

Student Representatives and Helmholtz Juniors

Representing the student body, the PhD Representatives meet regularly with the program speakers and coordinators, as well as with the MDC directorate and they participate in the association of Helmholtz Juniors.

We wish to establish a platform for the students on campus to communicate and initiate a discussion on the issues that concern you. Please come talk to us about any concerns or ideas you might have. It is important that the PhD students have a voice and a structured way of communicating their needs to the other branches of the institute.

PhD Representatives: Matti, Markus, Cornelia, Harm, Tristan, Dhana and Linda

The PhD student representatives are Linda (Scheidereit group), Dhana (Loewer group),  Giulia (Pombo group), Arsli (Ohler group) , and Markus (Bader group).

Don’t hesitate to contact us at

We also participate in Helmholtz Juniors , which consists of doctoral student representatives from all 18 Helmholtz Research Centers across Germany. This allows scientists across the Helmholtz Association to discuss issues relevant to all centers.


In case of work-related problems, MDC PhD students can seek advice from one of the Ombudspeople.

An ombudsperson acts as trusted intermediary and supports students in case of problems related to their work at the MDC, independently and confidentially. An ombudsperson counsels, gives advice or helps moderate a discussion.

Feel free to contact your ombudsperson.

Currently, Daniela Panakova and Matthias Selbach will support you.