Expression of the homeobox gene GBX2 during chicken development


  • K. Niss
  • A. Leutz


  • Mechanisms of Development


  • Mech Dev 76 (1-2): 151-155


  • We have examined the expression pattern of the GBX2 gene during chicken embryogenesis. First transcripts are found in the epiblast of a HH st. 3+ embryo. With the onset of neurogenesis, transcripts mark the posterior neuroectoderm. Later on, expression is detectable in the isthmic region, the hindbrain and the neural tube. We show that GBX2 transcripts, as well as the protein, mark the presumptive hindbrain region. After establishment of the brain vesicles GBX2 transcripts were also detected in distinct domains of the diencephalon. In addition to neural sites of expression, GBX2 was found in several domains including the otic vesicle, the somitic mesoderm, the lateral foregut endoderm, the ventral limb bud ectoderm and in the feather buds.