Human adipocyte-derived factors directly inhibit cardiac contraction


  • C. Look
  • I. Morano
  • V. Lamounier-Zepter


  • Journal of Muscle Research and Cell Motility


  • J Muscle Res Cell Motil 29 (6-8): 181-184


  • Obesity is a major risk factor for metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular disorders. Obesity related heart disease is the most serious complication of human obesity. Despite several investigations the pathophysiological mechanisms involved remain unclear. Latest studies have emphasized the importance of adipose tissue as a highly endocrine organ which releases a wide variety of biological active substances. In this context we have recently showed that adipose tissue exerts highly potent cardiodepressant activity with an acute effect directly on cardiomyocytes contraction, thus explaining the tight association between obesity and heart failure. Further experiments led to the assumption that the activity is a protein, but some well-known adipocyte-derived proteins could be excluded to be responsible for the effect on cardiomyocytes. In the present study we investigated the production/secretion of this adipocyte-derived negative inotropic activity in more detail.