Seltene Elektrolytstörungen [Rare electrolyte disorders]


  • R. Kettritz
  • F.C. Luft


  • Nephrologe


  • Nephrologe 14 (2): 94-99


  • Nephrologists frequently encounter patients with a wide variety of electrolyte disorders. Some are encountered under acute conditions in the emergency department and others present in the outpatient department. The clinical spectrum of electrolyte disorders is multifarious and ranges from genetic causes to metabolic and tumorous diseases up to medication-induced electrolyte disturbances. In addition to the frequent causes, which can often be clarified by a targeted evaluation of the patient’s medical history, rare disease-related symptoms also occur. Nephrologists should know and recognize the key findings that enable the correct diagnostic and therapeutic measures to be initiated. It is often the first contact where there is a chance of non-falsified diagnostics. Medication and other measures can falsify diagnostic tests carried out at a later point in time. The use of standard operating procedures (SOP) can help to guarantee a standardized approach even under emergency conditions. This article discusses examples from the clinical practice, which illustrate rare electrolyte disorders and should raise the awareness of nephrologists for such conditions.