Research Groups

picture of Altuna Akalin

Altuna Akalin

BIMSB as of March 2014

Scientific Bioinformatics Platform

picture of Marina Chekulaeva

Marina Chekulaeva

BIMSB as of October 2012

Non-coding RNAs and Mechanisms of Cytoplasmic Gene Regulation

picture of Jan Philipp Junker

Jan Philipp Junker

BIMSB as of November 2015

Quantitative Developmental Biology


picture of Stefan Kempa

Stefan Kempa

BIMSB as of April 2009

Integrative Proteomics and Metabolomics Platform

picture of Markus Landthaler

Markus Landthaler

BIMSB as of February 2009

RNA Biology and Posttranscriptional Regulation


picture of Christoph Lippert

Christoph Lippert

BIMSB as of November 2017

Statistical Genomics
(website currently under construction)

picture of Dario Lupianez

Darío Lupiáñez 

BIMSB as of September 2017

Epigenetics and Sex Development


picture of Irmtraud Meyer

Irmtraud Meyer

BIMSB as of January 2016

Bioinformatics of RNA Structure and Transcriptome Regulation

picture of Uwe Ohler

Uwe Ohler

BIMSB as of September 2012

Computational Regulatory Genomics


picture of Ana Pombo

Ana Pombo

BIMSB as of April 2013

Epigenetic Regulation and Chromatin Architecture

picture of Stephan Preibisch

Stephan Preibisch

BIMSB as of September 2015

Microscopy, Image Analysis and Modeling of Developing Organisms


picture of Nikolaus Rajewsky

Nikolaus Rajewsky

Scientific Head of BIMSB

Systems Biology of Gene Regulatory Elements

picture of Sascha Sauer

Sascha Sauer

BIMSB as of August 2016

Scientific Genomics Platform


picture of Roland Schwarz

Roland Schwarz

BIMSB as of October 2016

Evolutionary and Cancer Genomics

picture of Baris Tursun

Baris Tursun

BIMSB as of February 2012

Gene Regulation and Cell Fate Decision in C. elegans

picture of Andrew Woehler

Andrew Woehler

BIMSB as of May 2016

Light Microscopy Platform

picture of Robert Zinzen

Robert Zinzen

BIMSB as of March 2013

Systems Biology of Neural Tissue Differentiation


Associated Groups

picture of Matthias Selbach

Matthias Selbach


Proteome Dynamics


picture of Jana Wolf

Alumni Groups

picture of Wei Chen

picture of Christoph Dieterich

Christoph Dieterich

BIMSB Bioinformatics Platform

picture of Alexander Loewer