Labor trifft Lehrer

Lab meets Teacher

Welcome to the “Lab meets Teacher” program!

Our innovative further education program for teachers in the natural sciences offers you insight into current research projects at the MDC. Through the program, you can take part in experiments in the lab and benefit from our teaching materials. The program is now offered in a digital format.
All of the courses are accredited by the Berlin Senate Administration for Education, Youth and Family and the Brandenburg Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. 
Our concept is original: MDC scientists working on cutting edge research projects invite teachers to take part in experiments in their laboratories. We have now revised this offer to provide an online meeting space for teachers and scientists. Once a month, MDC researchers present their projects for the teachers with ample time for discussion and networking. This gives you up-to-date information on the newest technologies and discoveries from current research in an interactive way. Additionally, it helps you boost your classroom teaching with new materials, insider information about how science works, contacts with scientists, professional advice for pupils who might be interested in careers in research, and topics for discussion related to the impact that science is having on society. 
Caught your interest? Come and visit to get a first-hand look at today's science, rediscover your original passion for science, and take that enthusiasm back home to your classes.
If you have further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Are you looking for a place to do experiments with your classes? Check out the Gläsernes Labor, organized by the institutes on the Berlin-Buch campus, where pupils can carry out exciting experiments themselves and become acquainted with current topics in research, medicine, and biomedicine.