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Summer Schools

German-French Summer Schools are held each year and are intended for PhD candidates, medical students, postdocs and clinicians.

Participants should be familiar with the relevant cardiovascular and muscular disorders and diseases. Hands-on workshops, seminars and informal discussions with world-leading scientists and clinicians will help understand advanced gene therapy tools, the complex methodology to investigate pathogenic mechanisms inside cardiovascular and muscle cells and the sophisticated techniques to generate new disease models. The Summer Schools span topics ranging from basic to clinical research.

Summer School 2018



The 9th Summer School for Basic Muscle Science was organized by MyoGrad doctoral students as a Satellite Symposium of the Muscle Development, Regeneration & Disease 2018 Conference that took place from April 22-27, 2018 at the Max Delbrück Communications Center (MDC.C). More than 50 graduate students and postdocs from 10 countries participated in the Satellite Symposium and enjoyed a weekend of insightful talks, vivid discussions and informal get-togethers before joining the main conference.


Summer School 2017



The 2017 Myograd Summer School for Basic Muscle Science was held for the first time at three different universities in the Ile-de-France region: University of Versailles-Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines (UVSQ), Paris-Est Créteil University (UPEC) and Pierre and Marie Curie University, Paris 6 (UPMC) grouping the expertise of different laboratories. More than twenty teaching units covered the whole field of basic muscle research, from muscle development to muscle stem cells, muscle regeneration and treatment of neuromuscular disorders. As in previous years students had ample opportunities to meet scientists working on the forefront of muscle research and to discuss with them in in informal environment.

Each day started with two guest lectures, followed by two half-day workshops and ending with a session of selected student short talks.
As a highlight, the last day's special lecture was given in a charming conference venue in the middle of the garden of Château de Versailles.

The MyoGrad Summer School 2018 will take place in Berlin again.


Summer School 2016



The 7th MyoGrad Summer School for Myology took place at the Max Delbrück Communications Centre (MDC.C) in Berlin-Buch. More than 70 young scientists from all over the world took part. Again, we offered longer lectures and practical workshops, a format that had proven very successful in previous years. The summer school opened with an excellent lecture by Emanuelle Charpentier, who found and first described the CRISPR_Cas9 gene editing method. Other internationally renowned speakers were Keith Baar from the University of California, Davis, Jerôme Chal from Harvard University, Boston and Nikolaus Rajewski from Berlin. Fourteen different workshops were offered, two or three times each, thus ensuring intensive training in small groups. The topics covered the broad field of muscle research, from electrostimulation of muscle to induction of hypertrophy via transgenic animal model generation and embryology. The importance of clinical research and the preparation of clinical studies were also part of the spectrum of workshops. A poster session with junior and senior scientists led to lively discussions. The social programme included a welcome evening with a barbecue party, a visit to the Museum of Natural History and joint viewing of UEFA games.
Thanks to outstanding speakers and well-prepared workshops, the 7th Summer School was a great success. Doctoral students, who rarely meet in person, could intensify and improve their contacts. We are looking forward to the next Summer School 2017 that will take place in Versailles.
The programme of 2016 is available here. 


Summer School 2015


This year, for the first time, three German-French Research Summer Schools could be organized. While the first two meetings focussed on basic research, the third third one was dedicated to clinical research:

Integrative biology in metabolic and cardiovascular disease
March 15-19, 2015, Château de Maffliers, Paris

This program was jointly initiated by the TransCard Helmholtz Research School together with the INSERM (Institut national de la santé et de la recherche médicale), the Aviesan (Alliance nationale pour les sciences de la Vie et de la Santé), and the three university hospital departments (DHU AUTHORS, UNITY and CRAD) as well as Paris-Descartes University and Paris-Diderot University. 
Participants presented posters, engaged in lively discussions, met faculty from both countries, and, last but not least, enjoyed delicious French food in a picturesque setting. The keynote lecture entitled "Why I like Toxicology and why Toxicology likes Fat" was delivered by Robert Barouki, Director of the Pharmacology, Toxicology and Cellular Signaling Department at INSERM. To download the program, click here.

Basic muscle science
June 15-19, 2015, Paris/Versailles

This Summer School for Basic Muscle Science was the 6th meeting organized by MyoGrad but the first one held at the Medical Faculty of the Université de Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines (UVSQ) and in Paris. 
30 teaching units covered the whole field of basic muscle research, from muscle development to the design of novel biotherapies for neuromuscular disorders.
Here, translational research becomes increasingly important and offers many and varied career opportunities for young researchers.

The 2015 summer school introduced four thematic workshops (muscle development, muscle imaging, muscle physiology, gene therapy) that span over 1 ½ days to allow students to acquire detailed knowledge in the respective research areas. The workshops were organized together with doctoral students from the MyoGrad graduate program. Students also presented their work in short oral presentations, meanwhile an integral part of this Summer School.
Participants greatly enjoyed this mix of teaching, scientific exchange and culture, which we hope will foster academic education in the field of muscle sciences. We would like to acknowledge the Université Franco-allemande as the main sponsor of this event. To download the program, click here.

Clinical Myology
June 22-30, 2015, Paris

The Paris Summer School of Myology, organized by the Institute of Myology, Paris, and Dr. Andoni Urtisberea, is an academic center for getting trained in clinical myology. During the last ten years, this has grown to become a highly successful internationally recognized and unique event in the field of clinical myology. The 18th edition took place at the Institut de Myologie.
To download the program, click here.

Summer School 2014


Thanks to the great resonance and the good reception of the workshop-oriented concept that was introduced in 2013 we focussed again on practical training. More than 70 doctoral students and young postdoctoral scientists from all over the world participated in workshops on transgenic animal model development and physiological assessment in vivo, satellite cell and single myofiber isolation, 3D muscle cell culturing, muscular metabolomics, high-advanced superresolution imaging and many, many more. Both hands-on training and complementary lectures were offered by renowned scientists. An excursion into Berlin's cultural, historical and culinary life topped off the 2014 program.

Summer School 2013


This year the number of lectures had been reduced in favour of more practice-oriented workshops focussing on different aspects of muscle research. After an introductory lecture participants received hands-on-experience in small groups guided by internationally renowned muscle experts. The program was rounded off by a discovery tour following the traces of French life and culture in Berlin.

Summer School 2012


From June 18-22, 2012 the Berlin Summer School for Myology took place for the third time. Again world leading researchers came to Berlin to teach MyoGrad students and other interested young scientist basic muscle science and to present their latest data. For the first time, 3rd year MyoGrad students took an active part in the meeting, introduced the speakers and lead through the sessions quite professionally.

Summer School 2011


More than 50 participants took part in the 2nd Summer School for Myology at the Max Delbrück Communications Center from June 13th - 17th, 2011. 35 internationally renowned experts from various areas of muscle research gave lectures on basic muscle sciences and provided new insights into their research work. Many participants made use of the newly offered informal "Meet the Professor" sessions to discuss their specific questions outside the seminar room or just to make a contact. The program was complemented by workshops and, last but not least, an exciting tour through the German Reichstag.

The feedback given by both students and teachers was very enthusiastic.

Summer School 2010


Our first summer school associated with MyoGrad took place in Berlin at the Max Delbrück Communications Center from June 14th – 18th 2010.

This week was dedicated to basic muscle research and complemented a more clinically oriented session at the Institut de Myologie in Paris during the following week. The students enrolled in the MyoGrad PhD-program together with 40 additional international participants enjoyed a week of intense teaching, up-to-date research overviews, workshops and discussions in a relaxed atmosphere at the Max Delbrück Center or at the shores of Berlin lakesides. We received a very enthusiastic and helpful feedback. Please check back on our website for information on our MyoGrad Summer School 2011.

"The course was fantastic on the academic front, but it also created an opportunity to meet so many wonderful people from many countries. Thank you all for the wonderful time spent together. It was [such a] useful and helpful experience."

"Pure basic science with a flavor of clinical importance."

"The meeting was very interesting and useful. Hopefully it will take place regularly in future."

"[The Summer School was an] interactive and comparative meeting of ideas and techniques."

"[The course put] positive emphasis on the integration of basic scientific theory."

"I enjoyed every moment in Berlin, thanks for a wonderful course!"


Journal Club and Disputations

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