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Professor Ganten Elected to the Polish Academy of Science

Prof. Detlev Ganten, founding director of the Max Delbrück Centre for Molecular Medicine (MDC), Berlin Buch, has been elected a foreign, corresponding member of the medical faculty of the Polish Academy of Science. This was announced by Prof. Jozef Skapski and Prof. Adam Bielanski of the Polish academy in Cracow. This decision is a tribute to Prof. Ganten's scientific research on high blood pressure as well as his commitment to Polish science and culture.

Prof. Ganten is an internationally recognized specialist in high blood pressure, who, before coming to Berlin-Buch, worked in Montreal, Canada and at the Heidelberg University. Together with his research team in Heidelberg he did fundamental research on the inheritance of high blood pressure, and developed animal models with which the genetic causes of high blood pressure could be studied. These so called transgenic rats carry genetic segments which play a role in causing high blood pressure.

MDC has set itself the goal of researching the causes of illnesses such as high blood pressure and cancer on a molecular level, and together with c1inical scientists, to develop new strategies for the recognition, treatment, and prevention of such illnesses.

MDC is one of a total of three new national research centres (Grossforschungseinrichtungen) in the new German Länder. They are financed up to 90 per cent by the Federal Ministry for Research and Technology in Bonn and the Land in which they are located. There are altogether 16 such institutions in Germany.

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