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Independent Group Leader Position in Neurosciences

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"Top-down control of cortical circuits in memory and schizophrenia“

  • Belén Pardi (University of Freiburg)

“Context-dependent memory suppression in Drosophila”

  • Lisa Scheunemann ()

“On the brain of a dragon”

  • Lorenz August Fenk (Max Planck Institute for Brain)

“From statistics to neurons – a cortical circuit for decision confidence”

  • Torben Ott (Washington University)

“Visual circuits for action - an evolutionary perspective“

  • Sarah Ruediger (Sandler Center for Neuroscience, University of California San Francisco)

“Hallucinating mice and dopamine: towards mechanistic treatments for psychotic disorders”

  • Katharina Schmack (Katharina Schmack, Cold Spring Harbor New York)

“The impact of head motion on vision"

  • Guy Bouvier (University of California San Francisco)

“Mapping and re-engineering neural circuits mediating biological motivations”

  • Allan-Hermann Pool (California Institute of Technology)



James Poulet
Cornelia Maurer

Elisabeth Kujawa-Schmeitzner

Cornelia Maurer