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LifeTime and a future without disease

Take a brave journey into a future without diseases in a virtual live performance organized by the LifeTime Initiative and The Future Game 2050.


Livestream via Youtube
13125 Berlin




Is a future without diseases possible? In a virtual performance we explore what our lives would look like in a world where the LifeTime Initiative was successfully implemented. In a live event, LifeTime and The Future Game 2050 engage participants to create their own future scenarios and invite them on a brave journey into a future where life without diseases became reality. The immersive experience will be accompanied by expert interviews who look at this future scenario from different angles.


  • Prof. Nikolaus Rajewsky (Director, Berlin Institute for Medical Systems Biology at the MDC Berlin and Vice-Director, MDC Berlin)
  • Dr. Agnieszka Rybak-Wolf (Head of Organoid Platform at the MDC)
  • Dr. Emanuel Wyler (Scientist at the MDC)
  • Friederike Riemer (Co-founder of „The Future Game 2050“)
  • Felix M. Wieduwilt (Co-founder of „The Future Game 2050“)

The program of the MDC at the Berlin Science Week


LifeTime, The Future Game 2050