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LifeTime and a future without disease

Take a brave journey into a future without diseases in a virtual live performance organized by the LifeTime Initiative and The Future Game 2050.


Livestream via Youtube
13125 Berlin




Is a future without diseases possible? In a virtual performance we explore what our lives would look like in a world where the LifeTime Initiative was successfully implemented. In a live event, LifeTime and The Future Game 2050 engage participants to create their own future scenarios and invite them on a brave journey into a future where life without diseases became reality. The immersive experience will be accompanied by expert interviews who look at this future scenario from different angles.

Link to the Livestream via Youtube


  • Prof. Nikolaus Rajewsky (Director, Berlin Institute for Medical Systems Biology at the MDC Berlin and Vice-Director, MDC Berlin)
  • Dr. Agnieszka Rybak-Wolf (Head of Organoid Platform at the MDC)
  • Dr. Emanuel Wyler (Scientist at the MDC)
  • Friederike Riemer (Co-founder of „The Future Game 2050“)
  • Felix M. Wieduwilt (Co-founder of „The Future Game 2050“)

The program of the MDC at the Berlin Science Week


LifeTime, The Future Game 2050