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Online: What does the public expect from genome editing in life-sciences? Results from the ORION Public Dialoges




  • 11.03.2021 14:00:00 - What do citizens know and expect? An online event to launch the findings of ORION public dialogue on genome editing, which was conducted in the UK, Germany, Czech Republic and Sweden during 2019/2020. The dialogue sought to explore public attitudes to fundamental life sciences research when revolutionary genome editing technologies are used in order to understand when and how to engage audiences with emerging technologies. The dialogue also sought to understand how public engagement strategies might differ between countries. The preliminary programme for the event: Introduction to ORION project Overview ORION public dialogue on genome editing: Aims and objectives, process, workflow, method & national contextualisation Main project findings and findings per country Similarities and differences across countries Personal experiences: Researchers perspectives on participating in the dialogue Conclusions and recommendation The dialogue was a collaboration between the Babraham Institute (Cambridge, UK), the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine (Berlin, Germany), the Central European Institute of Technology (Brno, Czech Republic) and VA - Public & Science (Stockholm, Sweden) and was conducted by Ipsos MORI on behalf of the ORION Open Science project. Event learnings: • Findings regarding public attitudes towards genome editing in research • When and how to engage • Similarities and differences across countries • Recommendations to scientists and their organisations by the ORION project