Re-designing evolution? Speculative Design & CRISPR-cas9


Workshop with Emilia Tikka

The novel gene editing technology CRISPR-cas9 allows fast and precise applications to cut, alter and repair genes of all living entities including humans. Artist and Designer Emilia Tikka invites you to speculate about the possible futures of gene-editing. The workshop will start with an introduction about speculative design as a method, following with few words about the novel gene-editing technology CRISPR-cas9. After the introduction, the participants are divided into smaller groups to create their own scenarios in a hands-on prototyping session. After the session, the scenario prototypes created will be discussed and analyzed together.

Emilia Tikka is a designer, artist, and filmmaker – originally from Finland and currently based in Berlin as the artist in residence at the CRISPR Laboratory of the Max-Delbrück-Center for Molecular Medicine (MDC) & STATE. Her interdisciplinary design and research practice explore philosophical dimensions and cultural implications of novel biotechnologies such as synthetic biology and gene editing technology CRISPR-cas9. Her methods of research vary from designing objects, constellations, concepts, and fictions to writing and hands-on laboratory experiments.



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